Meet Jasia

Hi Neighbor, I'm Jasia


Gresham is where I call home. I have lived and grown into who I am today in Gresham. I grew up here with my younger sister and brother and loving parents. From playing sports to volunteering to fun days walking through downtown Gresham, my experience here is something I will cherish forever. I love this community and I only want to see it blossom and grow into something even greater.


I have wanted to be the change in my community as long as I can remember. Some big inspirations that inspired me to venture down this path were strong women of color like Shirley Chisholm, Michelle Obama and Angela Davis. These women stood up for what they believed in and worked hard to get to positions of power and influence. To this day these women are a huge inspiration to me and I hope to become just as impactful and inspirational as them. 

I have given back to this community through so much hard work and perseverance in activities such as:

  • Coaching high school basketball and directing summer basketball camps

  • Starting a jeans drive raising over 400 pairs of jeans to support those experiencing houselessness

  • Advocating and speaking out to teachers and district leaders to inspire changes to increase equity

  • Volunteering on local campaign teams to elect leaders in our area

  • Calling new and unregistered voters to make sure they were prepared for the election

  • Speaking with and listening to victims of sex trafficking and learning how to create safer environments for vulnerable youth.​​

I will continue to give back to our community and be a strong leader for our students and families.